Zekia Zhan is a filmmaker, designer and media artist with an emphasis on new media technologies. 

She received her B.A in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong, where she was exposed to various areas of art, filmmaking, and design. She then attended USC - School of Cinematic Arts for an MFA in Game & Interactive Media Design.

She’s coded for interactive projects, built video installations, produced short films, worked extensively on animation and graphic design projects and developed for AR and VR experiences. She’s also adept at building prototypes from initial concept to ‘play-testable’ builds in quick iterations.

The initial moment of curiosity, of passions, of the desire of exploring, towards a new field, has always been giving her inspiration to experiment and to create. Art and creation to her are like magics.

She can be reached at zhanzekiaATgmailDOTcom.